Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is your state golden?

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. That's why I posted this link about what you can do to support childhood cancer. The color of Childhood Cancer Awareness happens to be gold, so that's why my friends decided to change their porch lights to gold (or yellow-ever seen a gold bulb?), and I decided to promote the idea using a Facebook event. That's also why you'll see me and my daughter, Abby, wearing something gold every day this month (she even made gold bows and passed them out to her friends, and my cousin the high school English teacher). Every time someone comments on Abby's gold clothing or accessories she explains why she is wearing gold. She is spreading awareness, kid by kid. And she was so wise to point out that gold is a way better color than pink or purple because people (especially girls) always wear pink and purple. That gets no attention. But gold is, gold. Who wears gold to school? To the store? For a walk on the beach? Smart girl.

The President of the United States recently signed a proclamation declaring September Childhood Cancer Awareness month. 35 states have signed proclamations, and so have several cities (including my little town of Grover Beach. If you want to attend the council meeting when the proclamation is presented look here.). Check out the work of Tony Stoddard, Cole's dad, to see which states are on board. Even Niagara Falls is lit up gold!

Now, not everyone is completely happy with Mr. President, because the childhood cancer community's request to have the White House lit up gold was denied, and some of the message within the letter talks about how great we are doing at beating childhood cancer. Try telling that to Sam. Or me. Or his dad. Or anyone else that has ever known this bright light of a little boy.

Want to DO something? We start by raising awareness (=funding=research=cures). If you are a Californian, like me, write to Governor Brown. If you live in another "white" state, like Connecticut my other home state (for shame), write to your governor. I just entered: "contact Governor Brown" in my internet search engine. It was easy.

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